auxi Installation

auxi runs on both Linux and Windows.


NumPy is required to run the auxi.modelling.materials packages. You can follow the instructions at on how to install NumPy.


To install auxi:

* On Linux: sudo pip install auxi
* On Windows: pip install auxi

To uninstall auxi:

* On Linux: sudo pip uninstall auxi
* On Windows: pip uninstall auxi

Importing auxi Components

If you want to use auxi in one of your python modules, you need to import its components in the same way that you do for any other python package. For example, to use the stoichiometry tool, you will have to do the following:

from import stoichiometry

The same method is used for all modules, functions and classes in auxi. Here are a few more import examples:

from import molar_mass
from import molar_mass as mm
from import convert_compound
from import convert_compound as cc

from import thermochemistry
from import Compound

Getting Help

You can use Python’s standard help function on any of auxi’s components. For example:

import auxi

from import stoichiometry


All the help information that you are able to access in this way are also available through auxi’s HTML documentation that is included in the auxi Python package distribution.