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auxi is a toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers with their day-to-day tasks. Many of the calculations that we do require things like molar masses, conversion of one compound to another using stoichiometry, heat transfer calculations, mass balances, energy balances, etc. It is usually quite time consuming to get started with these calculations in a tool like Excel. auxi aims to save you time by making many of these calculations available from within python.

We hope that auxi will help you spend less time focusing on searching for formulas and data, and setting up calculations, and more on thinking about the problems that you need to solve with these calculations. Enjoy!

For video tutorials on using auxi visit auxi youtube .


auxi is a Python package, and it is currently divided into two main sub-packages, namely tools and modelling. The tools package provides help with simple tasks like calculating molar masses, enthalpies of heat capacities. The modelling package helps you to do more sophisticated calculations, and to build process models.


This package currently only contains a single set of tools, namely for chemistry calculations.

Modelling Frameworks

This package contains modules, functions and classes for developing different types of computational models.

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